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Allotments of Indigenous Produce of Latin American

Part 1 Project 2014
Lily Carver
University of Brighton | UK
Located in the heart of Elephant and Castle and amongst the vast Latin American community and businesses that reside there, this Public Allotments project pays homage to one of the most important parts of the Latin American History and culture; the Indigenous Indian People.

Tightly concentrated beneath and around the arches of Elephant and Castle, the Latin American community remains dominant in numbers, but yet slightly lightweight in physical presence. The scheme aims to not only encourage integration of wider social and demographic communities, but to provide the public with the means to grow native Latin American produce (fruit and vegetables) in the same environments and with the same processes that the Indigenous Indians used, hence celebrating the existence and the influences that they have had on the wider Latin American population.

Through exploring traditional Latin American dishes cooked by the Indigenous People, four key ingredients were chosen that are native to South America; Plantain, Maize, Cassava and Andean Potato. These plants, not able to survive in the UK’s natural yearly climate, require specific growing conditions and environments.

The scheme proposes a series of structures around Elephant and Castle for the cultivation of these ingredients, where the architecture itself is driven by
the act of optimising all natural resources in order to grow these exotic flora. Interwoven spaces with varied exposure to light and air reveal the growth and
production of food in a dense urban setting. Dynamic and useful buildings are used to celebrate a minority group in the heart of London’s Latin American

The project is a poem that looks to raise awareness on Latin American produce, cuisine, its people, and its Indigenous Indian roots.

Lily Carver


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