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Architectural Assemblage, The Fish Market Poole Quay

Part 1 Project 2014
Daniel van der Poll
Arts University Bournemouth, UK
Located on the site of an old grain silo on the hard edge of Poole Quay, the project begins by addressing a discourse between the rich cultural past and an emerging commercial future in the historic port and fishing village of Poole.

Situated on the south coast in Dorset, Poole harbour is one of the oldest estuarine settlements in the United Kingdom, with a long history of fishing and trade activity, dating back to pre-Roman times.

Poole port remains active today, however it’s legacy of heavy industry, trade and fishing culture has gradually been pushed aside to make way for new and emerging leisure and tourism industries.

The proposed Fish market on Poole Quay is a re-imagination of the historic fish shambles, which once served as a trading post and meeting place for the local community. The new market seeks to regain this once thriving maritime culture by capitalizing on the unique sensitivity and natural ecology of the surrounding harbour, whilst responding to the contemporary needs of local inhabitants and visitors of the town.

Many of the existing buildings along the quay were once warehouses for spices, coal, timber and oils, transported by ship from far and wide.

The Fish market will perform as a mixed-use, hybrid complex consisting of residential units, office headquarters, a restaurant with roof terrace and oyster bar and an open-air public fish market which incorporates the cultivation, production and exportation of oysters and local fish produce.

Influenced heavily by abstract art and sculpture of the early 20th century, the project presents an interwoven dialogue between art and architecture, critically evaluating the subject of assemblage art within the broader context of art culture and architectural design: assemblage as a form of cultural identification which responds to changing environments and shifting patterns in society; the urge to erect a permanent and complete system against the destructiveness of time.

Assemblage denotes a broader understanding of basic psychological needs in response to our physical environment. Drawing a comparison between the process of assemblage art, the act of appropriation, and the obsessive nature of the collector and briocoleur.

Daniel van der Poll


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