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The Pink Farm

Part 1 Project 2014
Deimante Bazyte
Newcastle University | UK
This project explores qualities of artificial lighting in conjunction with the idea of sustainable urban farming.
Starting point for the design process was phase one – analogue pinhole camera assemblage with various experimentations while capturing light. Hand made camera filters introduced image manipulation and sense of artificiality of the recording process. Six initial photographs were taken in the same location, while using variation of filters, exposure times and quality of light around. Combined together these led to form and volume exploration, which later dictated floor plans, landscape and fragmented design quality. Simultaneously, thorough research in artificial light usage in various industries suggested concept for building program.
Conceptually project is orientated towards abstract form exploration and almost obsessive redrawing and project process, while developing building volume. Consequentially, in the early stage of design, building forms were completely separate from its functions. That led to a much more intimate, almost subconscious design. Although, both form development and function are connected through ideas about synthetic lighting and alteration with its help.
Programmatically design suggests small arable farm, underneath the main volume of the building, with research facilities above and public spaces interlocking with it. Here crops and vegetables are grown underneath combined blue and red LED lighting with controlled nutrition. Growing process, happening in the lower basement is carried out in the individual trays, which, once plants are ready are taken out to the daylight by operative crane for public to pick out, soled or brought to restaurant beside. Public can witness both growing and testing process visiting all the facilities, info gallery, restaurant and outside café. Neighbourhood’s interaction and awareness of new growing concept is encouraged by various public events in the amphitheatre-like public courtyard, (facing large projection screen) which is created by naturally evening out level changes on the site.
This project is seeking to become small ‘engine room’ for the neighbouring block. In this instance, ideas of water re-use, rain- water collection, energy production and waste re-use are integrated.
Pink illumination, shining in the night sky marks new concept in the city – spectacular and sustainable food production, with engaging atmosphere and surprising spaces around.

Deimante Bazyte


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