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Part 2 Project 2014
Richard Hall
Ulster University, UK
Cities can be interpreted as living machines in a constant state of movement, be it the individuals simply moving from one place to the next or the constant development and redevelopment of entire city blocks over the course of centuries. This is highlighted with the introduction of a new university development within the centre of Belfast bringing with it an influx of activity in the form of student activity and redevelopment within the heart of the city.

This development within the city leads to the possibility of future expansion and the possibility of creating an urban campus. The aim of this project is then to theorize the expansion of the university through continued investment in research and development to create a research City. Taking inspiration from tradition inner city universities like that of Oxford and Cambridge, and their use of the university quad or courtyard that serve to enclose the university from the city. What constitutes as research. While searching for these answers I came across this painting of ST Gerome within his study. St Gerome was a well known scholar whom is often depicted alone within his study surrounded by his books however this painting showed more the surroundings making us aware that the researcher and the retreat is apart of the building and the landscape beyond

The programme is then the creation of a research campus that consolidates the university of ulster’s research institutes within one area creating a research community that supports and encourages interdisciplinary initiatives. This urban campus shelters the research retreats that provide researchers with working environments that are centred within both the campus and the city. Like that of St Gerome the researcher is sitting in his study within the building embedded within the urban landscape.

Richard Hall

Mr Paul Clarke
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