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The Conscious Sub Syncretic System

Part 2 Project 2014
Josuha Cole
University of Plymouth Plymouth UK
Definition: An interface intervention attempts to unify/ reconcile different principles, practices and systems but also allows for subdivisions of distinguishment to allow for a responsive architecture that is interactive and intimate.

I believe for such a responsiveness to occur in an intervention the focus is not actually on time itself but there must be a consciousness of all the systems that are impacted by time, that have an impact on time and the impact that systems have upon one another. Such systems include the political, economic, environmental, cultural, social, physical and so on. This attempt to bring all such systems together (at all scales) to create a responsive and democratic architecture, lends itself to the notion of radical inclusivity. An architecture accommodating for everybody and everything, people and nature. Adopting this socio-spatial methodology places emphasis on the individual and the use of architecture as infrastructural.

An Interface to facilitate Infrastructures
The project brief is a continuation of the urban strategy; a framework and toolkit to empower the users of the city to create conscious and democratic design. The building intervention becomes a framework to provide a tool kit for users to design and use the site.

Taking the contextual issues of boundaries, the building intervention is designed as an interface, where it acts as a porous boundary encouraging interaction and negotiation of space and design. In response to the key contextual issue of infrastructure, the interface facilitates the infrastructures required to encourage interaction and design to all users.

The interface-infrastructure’s socio-spatial methodology provides accessible adaptability at all scales of the intervention. This leads to the honesty and openness of how the architecture works and is constructed. It moves away from a polished, unapproachable architecture towards one that is inviting, inclusive and un-intimidating for people to interact with.

Whilst potentially architecturally agonistic and unapologetic, this interface-infrastructure’s architecture aspires to be inclusive of all systems and has the potential to lead to a conscious and responsive intervention between people(s), place(s), tectonic(s), and ultimately time - the sub-syncretic system.

Josuha Cole


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