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Fashion City (Beirut )

Part 1 Project 2014
Ali Rashid
Beirut Arab University, Lebanon
During the past few years, the designers were very creative in drawing a land clothe, thus covering the land with an urban fabric having a wide variety of shapes and patterns that differ from one place to another. These designs were not based on architecture, but they evoluted in parallel to the field of clothing design. As a result, many countries around the world were distinguished by their fashion designs that were characterized as international. As for Lebanon, it was able recently via its remarkable stylists to reach the global community in the field of fashion. These original designers have imagined, drew their imaginations, and then executed their inventions. However, unfortunately we do not have in Lebanon a street or an exhibition specialized for fashion and its methods of presentation. Due to the small space available for buildings in Beirut, the main objective was to create engineering drawings that exceed the limits of engineering to reach through its details the world of fashion and hence become a universal symbol that enables the foundation of exhibitions and fashion shows for Lebanese as well as international designers.
Ali Rashid


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