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The Sheffield City Room

Part 1 Project 2014
Joe Paget
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
The Sheffield City Room: a scheme committed to its social agenda.

Fitzalan Square is an urban area of Sheffield generally neglected by its residents and visitors. Its main use today is a through-route for commuters between main transport connections and civic amenities, despite its proximity to many of the cities vital resources and potential to be a vibrant public space.

The roots of this project lie in Sheffield’s ongoing reputation for its progressive nature: Social Capital is in abundance in the city, but the current distribution of economic capital is not allowing the former to flourish. Post-industrial Sheffield has been subject to gentrification under the guise of regeneration over the last decade. However, for true regeneration to take place, the city’s social capital must be utilised; the Sheffield City Room has been designed to encourage this process.

The original brief required a building of a civic nature, containing a debating chamber and resources for the public. Workspaces for public use and short-term let have been introduced to the original brief, alongside the debating chamber/multi-purpose exhibition space that allows those involved with the scheme to present their ideas to the community. The circulation between public and private workspaces has been designed to spark conversation and collaboration between the building’s users, rendering the space a creative hub that facilitates the growth of Sheffield’s social capital and paves the way for socially sustainable regeneration.

Civic involvement is imperative for the success of the scheme, so an outward-facing, active fronted building is necessary. The Sheffield City Room will reinvigorate Fitzalan Square in exchange for its support from the community.

Joe Paget

Mr Andrew Wilson
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