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The Cliff Of Virtuosity

Part 2 Project 2014
Jakub Rozanski
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
State of Intent
To re-establish the places of knowledge, places of learning and creativity in the city we live in, and explore the opportunities they offer to provide architecture for people, providing the enlightenment within the disorder and chaos and the diversity of the urban context.

Building Design
The scheme works as a "laboratory" or "playground" for young virtuoso that continues to challenge traditional notions and boundaries of art and design forms, essentially by collaborating with other artists, curators, and thinkers who share a desire to investigate issues relevant to the wider concerns of today's world.
The cliff of Virtuosity was thought of as a place that should be diverse enough to attract young people, to serve the community that inhabits the area and also to act as a means of fermenting knowledge and culture.

A building is designed, functionally autonomous and with its own character in order to give a new image and identity to the site. The self-supported structure unfolds, locates and adapts to the existing landscape and complies with the needs of connection and circulation of the paths and contemplation.

The plan establishes the limits of the circulation in a building. With the main aim of enhancing interrelation between people, and creating a continuous exchange between different fields, the floors of the building are connected to each other by means of sloping floors and staircases. A new dialectic is achieved between the building and its surroundings, a possibility to “frame” the views to the context without sacrificing the privacy of the building’s interior.

The auditorium will not act as an isolated landmark for the city of Porto, but it’s a natural continuation of the human spirit. Rather than exerting all its effort on the redundant futility of contemporary architectural form, the building maintains its level of neutrality in the exterior, exposing its structure, while the interior acts as a catalyst of spatial dynamism and intellectual exchange.

The Cliff of Virtuosity / Porto / Portugal

Jakub Rozanski


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