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Entertainment, recreational & cultural development - city hotel - Slave Island, Colombo 2

Part 1 Project 2014
Rasika Maladugala
City School of Architecture Sri Lanka
Slave Island is located in the middle of Colombo where it still holds the unique character with different life styles, religions and cultures. The animated vivid life style & sub culture will create Slave Island the Ideal Space for Entertainment, Recreational & cultural Hub for Colombo by upholding its potentiality.

Designing a city hotel in the middle of a busy and developing city is a challenge in order to provide unique and attractive accommodation especially with the huge competition for the same service with existing and new world class hotel development projects around the vicinity.

By analyzing the existing context with unique character and competiveness, the impact on the surrounding context and environment & the benefits for the clients as a profit earning development, the design of the city hotel became a STAR CLASS CITY HOTEL where the guests will enjoy a unique experience of URBAN ECO LIVING in Sri Lankan context becoming the one & only THEMED CITY HOTEL in Sri Lanka, A hotel, more than just an accommodation.
The city hotel will promote Eco living with the concept of “QUALITY VS QUANTITY” – the living is a process of using resources of nature.

The entire development of city hotel, commencing from design aspects such as the placement and the orientation of building, the basic form & zoning, creation & usage of interior & exterior spaces, the interaction of interior & exterior spaces & activities, to the operational aspects such as sustainable energy usage, promote of use of recycled & reused furniture and material are thought of in order to promote sustainable living also benefiting the client, the users and also the surrounding activities and the communities.

A unique feature of the design, the SMART ENVELOPE of the high-rise development is the main element of energy generation while providing privacy for the guests with naturally ventilated interior spaces even at higher levels saving energy usage and it is used consciously to break the scale of the high-rise building to the unique scale of the cityscape becoming a part of the neighbourhood without disturbing the existing life of the city.

Rasika Maladugala


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