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El Max Crafts Centre

Part 2 Project 2014
Asmaa Teliba
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Alexandria Campus Alexandria Egypt
The project main aspect is Rehabilitating the site in to a Cultural and an Educational node mainly targeted for improving the people of El-Max and strengthening their connection to this unique site and its richness. El-max crafts centre respects the surrounding buildings and sites topography the main aim of the site location to be surrounded by the houses of the users to be close enough from their houses and be easily to reach. The site needs the crafts centre to improve the cultural awareness of the people, and to learn new crafts to find other job to be able to live good life.

The project contains separate and privet workshops for the ladies and children also to learn new crafts to get in with the society and the future.

The project tends to simulate the historical back ground by capturing events and memories of different eras through apathy resembling the timeline.

I’m focusing on the humanism (fisherman) and how to design a suitable functional area with the respect of his culture and his own habits and how to raise his social and economic level. With respect of their daily gatherings where they'd get to meet and interact and keep in touch with each other and that shows in the outdoor workshop in the Crafts Centre, also respecting the spirit of the El Max that called Venice of Alexandria.

Also respecting the Grid of the new proposal for the site with grid of 16*16 meters to be attached in the planning.

At the end the projects open new chances for the people live there to work new crafts and learn everything, the outdoor spaces in the site help to be recreational area for the whole neighbourhood.

Asmaa Teliba


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