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A Hospice on the edge of a Park

Part 1 Project 2014
Fiona MacGregor
University of Strathclyde Glasgow UK
“It is not length of life, but depth of life”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

This project involves the design of a Young Adults Hospice, sited on the edge of Glasgow Green. A hospice is both a philosophy and type of care that concentrates on the palliation of a terminally ill patient's symptoms. The need for a dedicated facility concerning the transition from child to adult services is becoming increasingly prevalent.

My hospice proposal comprises of a series of clusters providing either accommodation, administrative or therapeutical facilities. Courtyards punctuate the hospice, flooding natural light inside creating constant connections with the outdoors, reducing the feeling of isolation. Dividing the schedule of accommodation into smaller units reduces the impact of the massing, eradicating an institutional feel and instead creates a domestic quality welcoming people inside.

The sequence of arrival is particularly important, it is inviting and methodically organised for ease of movement around the hospice. I believed it was important to design a building which reflected the young individuals residing in the hospice to give a sense of identity to their place. Playful elements are subtly implemented throughout the design, from a suspended cloakroom area where coats appear to ‘float’ upon entry, to playful furnishings adding uplifting splashes of colour. Designing an environment which makes friends, families and the person themselves feel at home is crucial, more importantly, it allows the person to be seen as an individual not as a patient.

The bedrooms have been designed in such a way to allow nurses to have a clear view of each bed-head yet still ensuring a level of privacy to the individual. Intimate spaces are designed throughout the hospice to allow a person to talk, to listen or simply ‘take a moment’. In an environment where people are experiencing a tremendously difficult time in their life, I believe it is these ‘critical moments’ which are the most important to cater for.

Fiona MacGregor


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