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Connecting New and Old: Different Fabrics in Sai Kung

Part 1 Project 2014
Yi Lok Ivy Ip
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Sai Kung, Hong Kong, is contextually rich with its differential city fabrics, the recreational town, new and old residential town. In these recent years, the government has attempted to revitalize the old town by changing the unpolished ground to urban paving. Potentially, it directs tourists from new town to the old part of Sai Kung; hence promoting the local culture and living style.

Design Concept and Scheme
This project, an art venue, continues the above revitalization by bringing new and old together. Geographically, it acts as a cultural junction for all the tourists, new town residents and local residents. Meanwhile, it tried to minimize the disturbance on site.

Programmatically, the project is divided into 2 main parts which are the exhibition and public studios. With its T-shape, it acts as a part of the circulation while recruiting the presently abandoned outdoor plaza as an extension of the events. Yet, the original circulation is preserved but advanced.

Voids at the ground level frame the plaza and sea view, giving a turning sense while visitors come along with the solids on the main circulation. It also enables the temporary exhibitions and outdoor plaza be sandwiched by trees and water, bring up the natural and organic characteristics of the site.

Different spatial qualities are provided. It considers cellular and packed studio that represent the old city fabrics, versus the open and loosed exhibition. Both could be distinguished by the floor materials.

The project targets with interacting circulating spaces in a planned manner. All units and volumes are connected by airy atrium, which is surrounded by elevated platforms and balconies. Visitors are allowed to view from one space to another, appreciating the activities within and out of the venue. In this case, there is neither a definite circulation space not route.

After all, the design respects the local context in terms of its building height and scale. Characteristics of the local town are newly interpreted. It also provides a venue for local and foreign art exchanges. New culture is brought to the site while local ones are given out.

Yi Lok Ivy Ip


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