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The Box, The Bomb and The Circuit Board

Part 1 Project 2015
Milind Goel
School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi New Delhi India
In an attempt to respond to context the
natural, the built and the rules of the
masterplan I found that there were critical problems with each one of them.
The canyon in the site could not be vegetated and would become a swamp. The built faced away from site and wouldn't let me respond. The masterplan followed false idols for selforganisation.

The Box, The Bomb and the Circuit Board a design for a Undergraduate Architectural Block in Delhi is an attempt to obliviate the design from the context, and yet link to it.

The canyon was filled with car parking, to avoid digging thousands of cubic meters of hard quartzite. Once connected, a modernist box was placed into the site, for it is oblivious to the context. Once put, it was bombed with parameters to allow it to respond to sun, wind, light, people, views, movement and proximity. This deformed module was put through rigorous structural analysis and test, to allow for an open floorplate and facades that could be removed and modified easily.

This allows the user the architecture students to
modify themselves by modifying their spaces.

Milind Goel


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