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The Blind Immediacy of Ethereal Space: An Investigation of ‘Self’ and the Play-Elements of Surface

Part 2 Project 2015
Charlotte Simpson
University of Nottingham, UK
It is hard to define a part of us which is more determinedly here than our self; a person, our self, certainly appears to us to a greater extent and with a greater persistence than anything else.

When seeing, man’s self experiences only the past, for to see is to conclude, and to form a conclusion takes time.

Lunar’s Moonshine Distillery is the consequence of an investigation of the immediate; to experience the present-tense man must allow his self to play freely amidst the ethereal. Ritual performance is a manifestation of serious play, through the process of actualisation by representation, man’s self is rendered nomadic and can explore the immediate.

The pagan ritual of ‘Drawing down the Moon’ is a narrative of desire and reflection. This serious play seeks to ‘draw down’ the Moon Goddess, Lunar, and encourages her to dwell upon earth.

This ritual was translated into an architectural form of mercurial reflections. The nomadic selves of Lunar’s devotees play freely with mirrored images whilst their bodies work to draw down the moon.

This distillery manipulates form, surface and moonlight to enable Lunar to dwell upon earth; Lunar’s self is grounded whilst her reflection is perceived aside her devotees.

Charlotte Simpson

Mr Jonathan Hale

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