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Arch Combinatoria - The Horizontal Forest

Part 2 Project 2015
Natalie Gall
University of Greenwich, UK
The Horizontal Forest is a proposal for the construction of a new book making city and surrealist forest within Thamesmead, based on narrative threads taken from Leonora Carrington’s ‘The Hearing Trumpet’. Its unique design strategy has been determined by the use of a Combinatorial machine, the design of which has been documented within the associated Thesis project.

The study of combinatorial systems can be of particular significance in architecture as it offers a system in which new and unrealised architectures can be discovered. Through imposing formal constraints using a pre designed method, of which has no designed outcome, the artist is liberated from all formal constraints of previous teaching and artistic consciousness. The artist/architect has the potential to discover something new.

The aim of this project is to speculate on the use of the combinatorial system as a method for liberating design within architecture. This project will therefore involve the design of a new city plan, founded to manufacture and distribute unique texts into London via Tripcockness in Thamesmead. The surrealist city will aim to romanticise the written word once again within the fanciful dwellings of Leonora Carrington’s imagination.

Natalie Gall


Mr Phil Watson
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