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Script of the City

Part 1 Project 2015
Lovisa Lidstrom
Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, UK
Questioning the relationship between tectonics, architectural form and their combined place in the public theatrical realm my design proposal consists of an alternative societal structure, offering a careFREE home challenging retirement; a paradox for the age group needing the most care during their most carefree years. For the optimal flaneurs, I provide living quarters on castle terrace whilst the second half of my building is a large working shed/force of a publishing printing press. Doing something elderly are likely to do anyway, such as write and reflect on life they provide the city with a spatialised urban newspaper. Taking the mechanics of a printer and scaling it up to building size, one operates amidst it.

Initially, the elderly provide the written texts, as an outsider we read life through the inhabitants. Anyone can supply written material (upon visit or digitally), which is then edited by the elderly and fed into the machine and visualised. The 3m tall roll, printed within the shed, forms a news-screen extending into the public realm. Upon return it is archived, creating a sort of time capsule. As a tangible communication the urban newspaper becomes a non-stop continual ever written story dealing with different speeds.

Lovisa Lidstrom


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