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Part 2 Project 2015
Marc McGowan
Ulster University UK
Atlas investigates how ideas and knowledge are generated, gathered and disseminated in contemporary life. Atlas focuses on how physical interfaces and experiences, such as books artworks and live performance, remain vitally important to this, even in an increasingly digital world.

Following Gerhard Richter’s Atlas, a collection of photographs and newspaper cuttings the artist has been assembling since the mid-1960’s, this thesis explores how we collect ideas and knowledge in order to subsequently respond to the world and articulate ourselves through physical works.

The project is founded jointly on the ideas of the Atlas; the world as collected by the individual so that it might be shared, and the Anatomical Theatre; the collective interrogation of the individual.

Atlas proposes a place where ideas and knowledge can be developed both individually and collectively. The project offers the necessary infrastructure to produce, publish and perform these ideas with studios, workshops, rehearsal spaces supporting a publishing house and performance theatre where they are disseminated.

Atlas is self-producing. Each artwork, book and performance produced on-site will be collected to form a physical repository of ideas and knowledge.

Atlas will form a cultural landscape on the abandoned post-industrial landscape of the Sirocco Works, Belfast.

Marc McGowan

Mr Paul Clarke
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