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The Vertical Boat Museum

Part 1 Project 2015
Aadil Sidat
University of Central Lancashire Preston UK
Located in skippool, this year we engage in a rural/ agrarian project addressing Lancastrian dynamics. Initially a busy settlement port during the Saxon period. Designing to provide a sustainable long-term future for the local village harnessing the context with emphasis on the site.

Designing a local history museum of traditional boat building with related workshops and boat building facilities, also allowing for students to study historical and contemporary timber boat building techniques. The museum allows temporary exhibitions, and permanent boat exhibitions. Designed by challenging the natural typology of exhibiting boats horizontally and vertically.

Inspired by the site and its natural horizontal landscape poetics, the design contradicts this subtlety. Aiming to connect the small town of little Thornton to the beautiful site. To establish this, the concept concentrates on light, ramps, carbon zero design and “the journey through the museum.”

Aadil Sidat


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