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Liquid Gold, Reinstating the River

Part 2 Project 2015
Edward Pryke
University of Kent, UK
An environmental sorting office forging educational architectures from the land.

This project looks to reinstate the importance of the River Thames, drawing from it freshwater, building materials and energy. The building and the landscape meticulously sort through the Thames water filtering out minerals and sediment using them to form educational architectural building fragments, from an experimental 3D printing process.

The scheme accepts that with rising sea levels London will eventually flood and rather than building defences to stop the advancing waters it looks to embrace the river and use it resources to produce fresh drinking water. The next aspect is education and research looking at the development of creating freshwater and producing new methods of creating building parts. 12 research pods for scientists and environmentalists are used as a base for the research, as well as experimental landscapes where they can develop their ideas at a larger scale creating life size prototypes. Finally the project looks at how in the future we will build and construct our buildings and cities, using an experimental sediment printing process the landscapes recreate fragments of the Grand Tour as educational pieces of architecture to showcase this process.

Edward Pryke


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