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Crowns and Ridges

Part 1 Project 2015
Pamela Snow
London Metropolitan University, UK
The project is one of typological innovation examining a way of living within the landscape that mediates between the urban and the suburban. Evoking the spirit of the 1930 public housing exhibition that introduced modernism to Sweden. The proposal is experienced through ‘Kvarnholmen Bo15’ a contemporary housing expo.

The aim is to create a sustainable neighbourhood on the peninsula of Kvarnholmen, a complex rocky site of great natural beauty and important industrial heritage a few kilometres from the centre of Stockholm.

Crowns and Ridges examines an alternative approach to developing new neighbourhoods and inhabiting these peripheral sites as Stockholm expands and the current housing shortage is addressed. Informing a responsive ‘landscape urbanism’ that coexists with the landscape rather than destroying it.

Developing tower and courtyard house typologies as a group project for the housing expo, considering the ensemble within the landscape and the public spaces between. Both typologies are self-contained and offer their own integrated and private outdoor space.

The focus of this presentation is on two typologies of courtyard houses within the proposed
Expo site that responds to the existing built environment, natural topography, climate
and the needs of a contemporary community.

Pamela Snow


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