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Framing: New terraced housing for London

Part 2 Project 2015
Louise Underhill
Architectural Association | UK
The architecture of the terraced house draws clearly defined distinctions within the home; those of front/back, upstairs/downstairs, the spaces of the adult/child, man/woman, work/domestic and of the single/many.

The proposal aims to challenge these dualities and the individuation of the terraced house and subsequent housing models, reconsidering what constitutes a family within the city today. There is no longer a sense of the normal family unit and these ideal familial structures are questioned through the undoing of the home.

A system of two frames form opposite corners. One defining with privacy and the other with openness a meeting point, bringing together spaces and homes. What constitutes the edge or boundary is pulled apart and must be redefined, enabling homes to open up to each other, sharing financial, family and social responsibilities. The black-and-white distinctions drawn within the walls of the terraced house are erased, giving way to layers and shades of space.

The proposal creates an ambiguity of space; what space is part of one room and what is part of another, or what is part of one house and what is part of a neighbour’s house is questioned and opened.

Louise Underhill


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