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Interior Renovation Work for CiHu Academy

Part 2 Project 2015
Congqi Yao
Nanjing University Nanjing China
CiHu Academy is a cultural place founded to gather new thoughts on urban/social development from a group of influential intellectuals in China. As an outstanding historical county town in the South of China, Cicheng maintains its clear morphological structure and abundant cultural heritage within nice environment, after more than a thousand years. A development with preservation for the historical county town has been taken by the City of Ningbo since 2002.

The academy included a lecture room, an office for seminar and workshop, lounge rooms on the upper floor and other facilities. The project properly utilized historical courtyard housing comprised of five courts with yards. The main building is a two-storey construction with wood-structure.

The design concept, termed as ‘Internal Envelope’, intends to make a new indoor panel box to improve the indoor environmental comfort with minimal impact to the historical building. The freestanding and reversible wooden framework ensures optimal protection for the original historic building, which played a key role to realize the design concept of ‘Internal Envelope’. The project is to resolve the functional problem of indoor environmental comfort for today’s requirement for CiHu Academy and the new use of a traditional courtyard house.

Congqi Yao


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