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Biography of Space

Part 1 Project 2015
So Young Lee
Korea National University of Arts Seoul South Korea
The studio deals with ‘artificial space’ that had been abstracted and reinterpreted through human consciousness, either effectively or theoretically the space of artworks, cities and buildings. Because we are inevitably dependent on the unreliable nature of the senses for the perception of phenomena, perspective, in the form of photography for example, allows us to reproduce and indiscriminately deploy a simplified version of the real, a serviceable and universally applicable descriptive system that is both true and false.

The site participates in the market by contributing its facade in the juxtaposition of entrances to the individual part of the whole. The generic quality of the street is found in market’s endemic display of fish tanks, kitchenware and foldable street furniture, supported by the common constructional material and method. The gravitational form of the market is supported, protected, regulated, and restricted with the urban building code of the territory while the content of the market is replicated, proliferating, and condemned with the desire of gentrification. The whole aggregation and ambience of the market is what this project considers the innate quality of the ‘yet unbuilt’, and here begins to construct from the inner layer of the market until it approaches the outline of the existed.

So Young Lee


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