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Elliott Grant James Bishop
University of Kent | UK
The Urban Regeneration of Sheerness-on-Sea

The historic dockyard at the north-western point of the Isle of Sheppey in Kent was built in 1665 on an existing fort which had deafened the strategic mouth of the river Medway and entry to the Thames estuary.

Since its closure and withdrawal of the navy personnel in the early 1960s it has left the historic Blue Town area desolate and the buildings in disrepair. While the present Mile Town survives on the economy of international imports, there is distinct a lack of employment. The community is now left without purpose and divided by an underutilised area.

My proposal is to create a new centre point for the community by combining a mixed-use urban regeneration solution with agricultural spaces to improve self-sufficiency and sustainability in the area. The proposed culture and arts facility building acts as a seed of rejuvenation in the fading town. By producing recycled grey water from the nearby moats to encourage wild agricultural pockets to develop, creating an area for socialization.

The proposed master plan is part of a gradual organic process of restoration which links together green spaces through the urban context, improving the quality of life of the community.

Elliott Grant James Bishop


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