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12 Moments

Part 2 Project 2015
Julie Molloy
Dublin Institute of Technology Ireland
12 moments investigates the perception of space, using process and function to breach the gap between art and architecture, cubist and minimal art techniques are introduced into the working environment as a means of testing moments in time from the viewpoint of a worker. In the factory our visual senses are challenged to look beyond the mundane of working life in order to stimulate a new way of seeing, allowing for a unique and specific exploration of space.

Our focus lies on the unique ability of workers to take advantage of the repetition of working life, to introduce the factory as an alternate gallery, a means by which workers become observers calibrating specific moments and viewpoints based on their repeated experience over time. Providing a blank canvas in space, the working environment and structure is exploited in order for our perception to be challenged within each process.

The images attached represent extracts from a mannequin factory broken down into 12 stages. They are portrayed in two ways: abstract space and functional space. They examine how function can change our perception of space based on the individual process applied.

Julie Molloy


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