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Reforging Fragments: Ship Dismantling & Reassembly

Part 2 Project 2015
Man Yee Lee
University of Hong Kong, China
This thesis develops a method for dismantling and transporting large decommissioned ships and remodeling them into architecture. It applies this process to developing a cruise terminal in the port of Dalian, China, one of the container ports the government plans to transform to encompass cruise homeport functions.

The thesis suggests an unconventional method of reusing steel: 'recycling without melting'. This preserves the spatial character and motifs of the shipping vessel while avoiding the emissions involved in melting steel. The design methodology involves two cutting/grouping systems: firstly the vessel is dismantled into blocks of manageable weight that can be handled by the tonnage capacity of lifting and transporting machinery; and secondly these blocks are welded into larger building sections, with openings and connections determined by the lighting, spatial quality and circulation needs of the final structure.

Man Yee Lee


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