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Intervention of a Post-War Town: Regenerating Pooneryn

Part 2 Project 2015
Shifana Simath
University of Moratuwa Moratuwa Sri Lanka
The proposed project is an intervention of a post-war town, experimenting the idea of how a building can facilitate as a town’s formal, communal and economic generator.

Pooneryn town was severely affected by the three decades of war in Sri Lanka. Today it is a formless town undergoing ad hoc development with no reference to identity, language or character of the place. Social and economic issues such as the high level of unemployment, dependent and unsupported families, - especially women headed families where men have died in the war etc. are threatening the town’s growing social fabric.

Thus, the project is an attempt to inspire from the grass root level, create a building that is conceived as an extension of the cultural, social and economic background of the area, and give form and meaning to the ‘nothingness’ that has been left behind by the three decades of war. The project is also an ‘ideal-typical’ study on the process of re-constructing similarly effected towns.

Architecture is used to stimulate the activity and life style of the community thus making it a healthy environment for working, learning and socializing and thereby not only nurturing the community but also the future generation.

Shifana Simath


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