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Urban Regeneration Project: Renewal on Victoria Road

Part 1 Project 2015
Julija Lebedinec
Robert Gordon University Aberdeen UK
New mixed use development on Victoria Road in Torry, including sheltered housing, commercial units and minor police station, was intended to become a part of area’s regeneration project.

Torry possesses a complex locale and neglected environment: renowned for its drug abuse, social mix and low property values. These attributes founded my underlying aim to improve the quality of residents’ lives, providing a higher standard of living; healthy environments and safety. This, combined with innovative design, would enable the proposed development to possess qualities needed to attract various classes of people followed by new developments which would potentially spark the area’s regeneration process.

The proposal explored qualities needed for the development to last, suggesting that gaining local respect is fundamental. The development aims to become a part of the community, therefore, creative structural solution was used to lift the residential block from the ground inviting the wider society within it. Structural voids between cantilevers form communal gathering spaces and allow dual aspect views from each flat.

The development has a non stereotypical appearance, which visually leans on yet supports its local community. This suggests that ‘different’ does not mean ‘bad’; further strengthening Torry's distinct character and looks towards creating unique community.

Julija Lebedinec

Mr Neil Lamb

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