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Reviving Seok Gwan Dong with Art

Part 1 Project 2015
Changha Shin
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
The aim of this project is to plant architectural seeds in Seok Gwan Dong, so that this depressed old town can grow into an Artist-Incubator, where young artists and pioneers from nearby universities may start their first period of independent work.

Seok Gwan Dong is an outskirts town of Seoul with a population of approximately 30,000.The Place was incorporated into Seoul in the year 1949, and is known for having the lowest land values since then. Most of the buildings are low multiplex houses. The economy of Seok Gwan Dong is pretty much in a slump. The income is under average level. Many shops are closing as people stopped using local stores.

What caught my attention was that there were 5 major universities within 2 kilometers range of Seok Gwan Dong. Low rental fee meant there is a potential for this place to become a birthplace of creative enterprise and art.

The ‘SEEDS’ would be eight infrastructures that would drag in young artists and help them settle. Theaters, Indie Film Centers, Workspaces combined with Residence, Design Shops and so on. The design was focused on connecting those seeds architecturally so that few buildings could affect the whole district.

Changha Shin


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