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Animating Suburbia: A graphic commentary

Part 2 Project 2015
Sebastian Tsang
University of New South Wales | Australia
The project brings together the fraught realities of contemporary suburban development and architectural imagination as a manifestation of an explorative drawing process. The site has no address, a liminal zone between paradigms of Sydney’s outer-suburban development. There’s a lack of public infrastructure; the suburban fence that aggravates; and programmatic blandness leave a demographic like the neglected grandpa and the bored full-time housewife, unsatisfied.

The first move resurfaces the forgotten waterway through a sequence of water-pump stations, forced underground in the 1980s. The resurgence of flowing water is the enabler of various programs and interventions, all responding with the medium of water. Water is the enabler for architectural programs and intervention; drawing is the medium for exploration and expression. The community engages with nurseries of aquatic plants as lovers hide away in the mist gardens; others take refuge in public bathing pools.

Each series of drawings add increasing detail and depth to the project, while each is able to stand as an architectural investigation of its own; a realm of creative possibilities is conjured through the graphic process of architectural drawing. Animating Suburbia envisions an unflinching alternative to the realities of contemporary suburbia.

Sebastian Tsang


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