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The Hale

Part 1 Project 2015
Natalie Stas
University of Bath Bath UK
The thesis investigates architecture’s role in the public healthcare deficit by addressing the liminal conditions between the hospital and
home, between patients and diagnosis, between communities and their health. Despite positive implications of ‘healthcare for all’, it
explores whether public medical environments are increasingly set against the wellbeing of the patients which they serve. By investigating
these two diametrically opposed positions, it reveals an in-between state, a new epoch of healthcare architecture to address this

It acknowledges how modern healthcare has become a monument to scientific progress and technological efficiency, failing to recognise its history of civic importance and the role of humanism. What is realised is a healing environment away from models of a socialised machine for medicine, revealing a breed of architectural conditions signifying shifts in attitudes towards social responsibility and autonomy over health.

A prototype scheme is imagined in Weston-super-Mare working alongside an existing public hospital. The design provides a refuge for newly-diagnosed patients and a series of educational and communal public spaces which pivot around a prominent central route. The intent is a new format which acknowledges the autonomy of individuals in healthcare and creation of space which enables individuals and communities to choose health.

Natalie Stas


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