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The Localism Roadshow

Part 2 Project 2015
William Anderson
University of Cambridge, UK
THE LOCALISM ROADSHOW considers the situation of English community development since the passage of the 2011 Localism Act, and proposes an aesthetic to shape its future. Drawing on a year’s research in East Sussex two case studies are invoked as exemplars: Lewes Phoenix Rising Community Developers and Ringmer Neighbourhood Plan.

The resultant ‘ROADSHOW’ is organised into three ‘HANDOUTS’ and a design proposal for strategic housing site SP5 in Ringmer Village. Based on first-hand observation and participation these HANDOUTS explore the post-Localism Act planning context, and detail the rise of community activism in and around Lewes – with a focus on how community development groups can be structured in order to command the no man’s land between the imperative to develop and the provision of social justice

It follows that THE LOCALISM ROADSHOW rests on twin pillars. The project examines current political, planning and corporate issues that affect localised development and, secondly, appraises the job of ‘architect’ situated at the point of contention in a contested political and aesthetic landscape. An irregular aesthetic and a narrative-driven practice are enlisted to provide a creative tension between new developments, their symbological hinterlands, and their inhabitants.

The story goes on in Sussex:

William Anderson


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