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Cabinet of Curiosities

Part 1 Project 2015
Robert Makey
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
'The Cabinet of Curiosities’ is a repository of seemingly ordinary and mundane artefacts. Situated close to the borders of Scotland, Berwick-Upon Tweed straddles between the 2 countries of Scotland and England. The interesting geographical and strategic location has meant that the town has in the past been controlled under English and Scottish rule.
The building serves as a repository, storing and cataloging apparently mundane, everyday objects, allowing them to live-on and share their unique life story. Although the objects may not have any major historic significance, each artefact will be accompanied by a story, which when viewed alongside the object provides a sentimental value, making each item completely unique and special. Presented in the form of videos, pictures, written text and audio, it will bring life to the seemingly mundane item, encapsulating its unique story to all who view it.
The majority of the collection will be built from objects brought to the museum by the public. This gives an incentive for people to visit Berwick, giving them the chance to have their artefact stored, catalogued and viewed, preserving it for future generations.

Robert Makey


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