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Communal Cultivation

Part 1 Project 2015
Jim MacMillan
University of Plymouth Plymouth UK
The Janus-faced features of Cornwall’s identity are worn across the waters of the estuary between Fowey and Polruan. The development of Brazen Island acts as an intermediate, celebrating the opposing banks of the estuary by binding them through their intrinsic affiliation with its coastline.

An omnipresence relationship between the sea and soil of Brazen Island led to the development of a design that responds to the biphasic rotations of both time and tide. Where spaces are composed to allow a synergetic reaction between both people and landscape.

‘Communal Cultivation’ is a hypothetical scenario of the Brazen Island redevelopment, proposing that strategic and structural intervention can develop a symbiotic community where localised devolution can generate regional melioration.

The present climate of society presents global dilemmas through a rhetoric that dwarfs the individual deeming them infinitesimal and unable to generate any motion of change. This project proposes how a community may translate these issues to a tangible scale, where societal systems and strategies present palpable solutions to problems affecting economy, austerity and scarcity.

This schema is a primary catalyst that shall further instigate multiple micro-movements across the deindustrialised Cornish coastline, in an attempt to regionally conduct a direct notion of societal progression.

Jim MacMillan


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