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Digital Nomads (Go to Ibiza)

Part 2 Project 2015
Austen Scott
Oxford Brookes University UK
We are the networked individuals: the modern person no longer dwells but rides networks instead.

Our world is different, we are different, and our dependence on technology has changed us. Vernacular methodologies of architectural design do not recognize our new ontological shift, and as a result, fail to create for us the necessary environment for modern culture to prosper.

More then ever we are surrounded by the invisible, the non-physical, non-Euclidean fundamentals that allow us to live the lifestyles we create for ourselves. This project is an exploration into a new relationship between ourselves and the spaces we inhabit: it recognizes that we emit our architectural boundaries, we manipulate our spatial programs to our will, we appropriate place and define and re-define our architectural agency based on what we need and when we need it.

The following work explores this proposition in the context of hedonism. Specifically Ibiza: a social and cultural anomaly of loose morals and experimental ideologies; a freedom of expression and a liberation of repression. These moments of time, transitory events, and meaningful occurrences create an environment for an architecture of the digital nomad.

Austen Scott


Mr Toby Shew
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