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Liquid Assets

Part 2 Project 2015
Ryan Fish
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
We know more about the moon than we do our own oceans.

Climate change, overfishing and trawling techniques have had a devastating impact on benthic communities in the North East Atlantic. Liquid Assets looks at reimagining the UK oil and gas rig decommissioning process to help remedy the marine environment. The project stemmed from research of a strange phenomenon in the North Sea where cold water coral reefs have attached to oil and gas rigs. The project briefly indicates how substantial rig structures can be utilised as a marine/ fishing base, though the main focus looks at how funds from the decommissioning process can be reallocated to promote marine conservation in an urban area.

The Breakwater Institute in Stornoway aims to attract people to the Island as well as connect in to the existing Hebridean society. Marine based actors and agents from the Marine Conservation Society, Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust and local University helped direct the design brief. The landscraper architecture has been informed from both the local vernacular and boat building industry. This proposal goes on to highlight how organisations and actors will use the Breakwater Institute such as the marine biologist, islander (eileanach), tourist, coastguard and fisherman.

Ryan Fish


Prof Sam Vardy
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