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Medway Terraces

Part 2 Project 2015
Alasdair Struthers
University of Westminster, UK
Medway Terrace’s approach is a result of the reaction to the neoliberal fragmentation of London’s urban form. Its aim is therefore to create an architectural framework of co-habited and shared space to foster community. Although individual houses are attached to the framework their role in domesticity is reduced and the role of the communal space - the street is emphasised.

Medway Terrace’s are made up of a series of avenues continuing the existing coastal roads rom the Medway communities of Chatham and Gillingham. The architecture and programme seeks to engage inhabitants with the street and subsequently the community. It does this in two ways, firstly despite anchoring to the existing condition each Avenue attempts to both deconstruct the threshold between home and the street. Secondly by creating a space between the residential whose ownership by the public is promoted though its programmes that encourage a social overlap, such as the leaver, bathing facilities and shared agriculture.

Alasdair Struthers


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