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Part 1 Project 2015
Alexander Galego
University of New South Wales Sydney Australia
In response to an existing cultural meeting place and pedestrian spine, ‘Tidal’ seeks to organise the café, pools, and amenities within the form of a bridge. The deliberate linear progression carefully pierces through the landscape searching for diverse social opportunities existing along the inter-tidal zone and dunes.

The bridge’s western façade overlooks an untouched landscape and is experienced as a series of fractured openings enabling a series of framed moments. Contrastingly, the public character of the eastern façade as it connects back to South West Rocks becomes a frame animated with people. This is achieved through an operable façade system responding to wind and sunlight; and tempering between a space of refuge and one of complete transparency, referencing Pallasmaa’s ecological functionalist view of architecture.
The procession down to the semi-buoyant pools, which are protected by a curved pier wall, redirects tidal energy for use on the site.

Rising tidal levels for the year 2100 dictates the height and form of the structure. As the elevated walkway gently wraps to meet the dunes, local basalt rocks from the engineered coast are re-purposed, creating seating interventions nestled in the landscape realising another “room” naturally existing within the site.

Alexander Galego


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