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The Bridge

Part 2 Project 2015
Morna Currie
University of East London London UK
The Blackwater Estuary is a topography of marshes and salt flats strewn with woodland. It is a peculiar, liminal space between land and water. The catalogue of historic events and literary fictions that have played out here are immortalised in HG Wells’ novel 'The War Of The Worlds'. It is place of refuge, escape and hope.

The narrative weaving through the project explores the gap between human perception and the isolated reality of distinct and irreducible objects receding into their own infinite space. A space in which the events described in 19th Century science fiction writing have an equal validity to iron nails, native trees and industrial infrastructure.

Set in a speculative future we join our protagonists as they drift through a familiar landscape. They journey to a wooded clearing, picturesque yet etched with an eerie foreboding. Night closes in as they enter a strange hinterland of relics, collected and salvaged from a time Before. These revered objects remain just out of reach, receding into the darkness. For our travellers, being in the presence of these ever shifting fragments of a past allows time and space to condense, offering solace and promising a world that exists beyond human perception.

Morna Currie


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