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Library of Fragments

Part 1 Project 2015
Man Siu
Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong China
On the dramatic landscape only half of the battery remains, carrying the history of Hong Kong as an entrepot and the glorious but forgotten significance of marine defence in those days. The view is contrasting on two sides: country park opposite to the airport. This reflects typical Hong Kong with contrasting elements coexisting - natural and industrial, old and new. The shore on site is a beach with sedimentary rocks covered with oysters. The mineral strata embeds the geological history of this particular land, while villagers still harvest the variety of shellfish that thrives along this liminal edge between land and sea.

Another series of fragments is introduced to the site superimposing with previous ones. One wall oriented to address the duality of views as well as programme differentiation, another element is a wall of books embodying knowledge. It is hoped that by absorbing old fragments into the new framework of interventions, the significance in both can be revealed in a new architecture of fragments. Not only a fragment of library is brought to site, but the whole building is a library of fragments with a series of stories of a modern city to tell.

Man Siu


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