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Liquid office_An office building in Rome

Part 2 Project 2015
Dumitru Alexandru Musteata
Erica Agnelli
Università degli Studi Roma Tre Rome Italy
The project aims to define the potential of an virtual an liquid space such as the activities that are characterizing it, such as business.
With this attempt, we tried not to contain in rigid spaces activities that are inclined to overlook to the places where they’re carried out.
The target was to design open areas rather than locked rooms, visual connections rather than hallways, furniture rather than walls.
The different levels can be seen as a generic surface, ruled by a grid whose dimension is determinate by the functional demand, which acquires character and uniqueness through the activity that claims the space.
This surface was then cropped according to a profile that was evoked directly by the city, so that the empty block could accomplish his destiny in becoming part of the city itself.

Dumitru Alexandru Musteata
Erica Agnelli


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