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The City of Sin

Part 2 Project 2015
Nicholas Sharpe
University of Lincoln, UK
The project argues that reality becomes a comparable hyperbole of sin city, an extension where freedom to express personal gratification with little regard for consequence of one's narcissistic desires. The film becomes the hyper-reality without origin or reality. It is in this world where the distinction between justice and injustice becomes blurred based upon the protagonists' power to change his environment as a discourse for retribution and truth. Therefore, meaning as an act of justification becomes lost between what is moral and what is not in a postmodern society.

The project uses this theory in an attempt to establish a connection between the social and moral conditions of Sin City and London's Soho, exploring the discourses of nostalgia and intellectual desires as well as social and sexual experimentation that are associated with Soho and its king, Paul Raymond. The project establishes a methodology of deconstruction between the juxtaposition of a social event within the Raymond's Revue Bar, emphasising the buildings historical narrative to the area. This implies that architecture as a human experience of a spatial condition is imperative towards the redevelopment of the social conditions of a place, in turn generating a central hub for Soho's sub cultures.

Nicholas Sharpe

Mr Richard Wright
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