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Front Room in the Park

Part 1 Project 2015
Eve Olsen
University of Brighton | UK
Brighton depends heavily on tourism and its public space has begun to reflect this. It is hard to escape from the consumerism that runs right into the sea. Amongst the noise of its young vibrant inhabitants it is easy to forget that Brighton used to be a small town; easy to forget the people that have lived here all of their lives and will continue to do so once the young have had their fun with it; easy to forget the elderly that have been pushed out of the public sphere to the suburbs.

“Front Room in the Park" addresses both the lack of consumer-free public space and the absence of the elderly in the centre of Brighton. It provides an alternative to enclosed old peoples homes, allowing the elderly the option to be at the centre of public life - where they deserve to be. Their accommodation is set within a series of public spaces—dance hall, memory archive, tearoom, public kitchen—for which they act as guardians. Designed to feel like your front room, and set within the gardens of Nash’s Royal Pavilion, the spaces encourage ‘public behaviour’ to include what is usually restricted to the domestic sphere.

Eve Olsen


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