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Student Lifestyle Hub: Centre of Excellence

Part 1 Project 2015
Nur Fazuin Binti Ramli
MARA University of Technology - Shah Alam campus Malaysia
The integration of urban strategies is as important as doing the design. Having the idea of making connections between people and places, the term “sharing of knowledge” is forged as the concept to integrate all the issues and requirements. Manipulating voids, absence, cavity and hollow to represent the borderless interactions between the students and the community, the student hub provides the least privacy to the surroundings so that it gives users the freedom to have activities.

The result is vast, open space with visibility from end-to-end. Instead of separating walls enclosing the spaces, open-ended volumes are created for hanger-like space for the best view of the building. All these parameters were brought together to form interactive spaces that relate back to the grand idea of the project.

This student lifestyle hub would become a part of the social activity of student community. It becomes a centre of excellence that offers a variety of activities and experiences in the categories of commercial, recreational and social, for the students to gather and relax after or in-between lectures. Instead of having to go to many different places, all those activities are creatively designed under one roof right in the campus!

Nur Fazuin Binti Ramli


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