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St James', People-friendly Train Station

Part 1 Project 2015
Katarina Zatkova
University of Liverpool, UK
Baltic Triangle is a creative quarter within Liverpool city centre supporting young local businesses and works towards re-opening of St James'station that is meant to host a range of facilities and become a symbol of regeneration, reflecting and supporting the burgeoning creative industries and entertainment scene.

Nowadays, the dynamism of area is hidden inside of old converted warehouses and we are left with empty abandoned streets, spatial isolation and social deprivation. St James' station responds to this problem by creating a place with people-friendly and sustainable atmosphere, where social interaction takes place and resurrects the public realm. This strategy was influenced by Aldo van Eyck's statement of each building being a small city, in which all "in-between" spaces are translated into architectural hospitality.

Station design is therefore based on the analogy of people-friendly towns and its elements that increase the civic presence and act as catalyst for regeneration and community development.

The building itself raises together with the slope, merging with the context, respecting local greenery. Exposed sandstone is used for landscaping and paving, celebrating the descend down to the platform and together with light and shadows provides unique spiritual atmosphere and sense of being grounded in Liverpool.

Katarina Zatkova


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