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Typology & Topography, inhabiting heritage

Part 1 Project 2015
Jieun Jun
Kingston University Kingston | UK
When a new culture is embraced, it is contorted to accommodate the newcomer and can be involuntarily distorted by individuals. It is not improbable that man is absorbed into that new culture, one that sounds especially familiar as one learns something new, something that swings one's roots of their integral values.
Sevillian architecture is no stranger in the eyes of an Asian of wonder. Sevillian culture has been acquired naturally during this project's journey by seeing, drawing and touching it directly, then merging and bridging the cultural gaps between intentional architectural knowledge learned studying in the UK and Western Europe and unintentional knowledge from Korea.
Contradictorily, Seville is a city of physical emptiness in dense city matrix, created by narrow alleys and voids full of intended life by local residents as time goes on. The project developed from a discovery of spatial coexistence of empty spaces in Seville that have been abandoned, and now remain that way on purpose.
Typology studies on Sevillian, Japanese, and Korean architectural elements spark the remembrance of my latent architectural interests; the "corral" and a trail in an ancient Asian palace, the "patio" and an inner courtyard of an Asian old house.

Jieun Jun


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