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The Inhabited Wall

Part 2 Project 2015
Tom Dewey
Manchester School of Architecture, UK
“Discredit not, O King, the tales of Travellers”

Washington Irving was a highly influential explorer in the 1800s. Travelling to Granada, Spain in 1829 and staying in the Alhambra Palaces, he wrote ‘Tales of the Alhambra’. The book was hugely significant in bringing attention to the poor condition of the Palaces- without his presence many believe the Alhambra would no longer exist. Despite Irving’s prestige, his legacy remains forgotten.

I propose a museum to the great explorer.
The project establishes a portal between the dislocated worlds of the Alhambra and the Albaicin, bringing Irving’s tales to life and celebrating his importance to Granada.

The museum, embodied by themes of mystery and discovery, unravels across the inhabited wall through three routes- History, Observation and Legend, which reflect the three key strands of the book. Each route is defined by a vessel which inhabits the rammed earth wall, exhibiting artefacts from his stories. Each vessel utilises a particular material palette to reflect the characteristics of each of the book’s strands.

The upper reaches of the inhabited wall also hosts a hotel for modern day explorers of Granada to retreat and reflect on their experiences as Irving once did.

Tom Dewey


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