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Back Beach Pier

Part 1 Project 2015
Aurelie Nguyen
University of New South Wales Sydney Australia
Life in the rural coastal town of South West Rocks happens along edges; congregated on the threshold between land and water, or sheltered in the bushland dunes. Mediating between these elements and nature’s ephemerality, Back Beach Pier provides a rich diversity of environmental and social experiences.

Extended as a bridge, the creek's edge connects the site to the town. A second edge diverges from the bridge as a pier, anchored to the sheltering dunes and the boundary of the projected foreshore. The two edges bound an in-between space on a level expanse of land; an ideal location for gathering. The level land extends into the pier’s largest opening, forming the main meeting space. Marking the pivotal point between the two edges, this meeting place anchors and connects the entire site, from the river and pools to the amphitheatre nestled in the dunes.

The edges and the in-between are enriched by the human activity curated along them. On the sheltered path, the restaurant is close to the town and is suspended over water, while the change rooms address the pool and are enclosed by the dune bushland, and dotted along the water’s edge are flexible, multi-use spaces.

Aurelie Nguyen

Ms Catherine Lassen
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