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Botanic Observatory

Part 1 Project 2015
Oliver Burton
Arts University Bournemouth, UK
The function aspects associated with the archiving of seeds and botanic’s incorporate the survival of genetic diversity, forming the basis for provision of Staple food groups, textiles, horticulture, agriculture, , raw construction materials, energy production
and the maintenance of biodiversity.

In a more poetic association, the study and archiving of these plants and seeds maps the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, the plant acting as a vehicle that carries culture illustrating the fragility of human life and the increasing pressures placed upon the natural world. Often the minute scale at which these plants and organisms exist, allows their life cycles and process to the viewed as microcosms of our own existence.

The relationship between man and plant is reflected in humans utmost dependence on their existence, not only for agriculture but the support of our ecosystem as a whole suggesting that whilst the plant it its immediacy is viewed as a fragile being, the structure and reach of its effects are wholesomely fundamental.
The Botanic Observatory is a multidisciplinary studio that looks to the surrounding ecology through the use of science and art in the pursuit of creative sustainable outcomes, promoting both contemporary creative practice and ecologically motivated learning.

Oliver Burton


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