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CPUL infrastructure in Peckham 2050: How the object becomes the subject.

Part 2 Project 2015
Zihuan Liu
University of Brighton | UK
This project aims to develop a site in Peckham Rye, South London, as a continuous productive urban landscape, producing fresh fish and edible plants for the area's growing population. Peckham Rye is a demographically and culturally rich and vibrant district close to the centre of London. Currently it is undergoing a rapid transformation as a new wave of Londoners discover its vitality.

My project asks how Peckham can accommodate a transition towards a cradle to cradle economy while retaining its vitality and diversity. The project explores how relationships between food culture and food production can contribute to the production of urban space, it starts from the observation that in 2014, along a 750m length of Rye Lane, the areas busy main shopping street, 22 shops were selling imported fish.

The intention is to create a playful and productive shared public realm, combing elements from fish farming, market gardening and parkland while supporting the areas culture. The site extends Rye Lane, and physically connects with surrounding buildings. Rainwater is collected and filtered for use in fish ponds and waste water from the fish farm irrigates fruit and vegetable production.

Zihuan Liu


Andre Viljoen
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