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A Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Part 1 Project 2015
Manbir Kaur
Coventry University, UK
The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social relations (CTPSR) is located in the centre of Coventry. This area of Coventry was heavily damaged from heavy shelling during the second world war. It builds on the historical nature of Coventry and to its commitment to peace and reconciliation. The CTPSR are involved with thorough research which enables dialogue and builds trust in order to foster peaceful relations. In order to construct a Centre for Trust, Peace and Social relations, the scheme focuses on the most imperative element of Peace which is the journey and the process that an individual undertakes in order to achieve Peace. The mixture of textures, pallet of materials and exploitation of light helps to initiate and enhance the diverse senses throughout the metaphorical journey. The proposal challenges and explores the boundaries between public and private spaces by the use of one meter wide multifunctional wall which weaves through the public and private spaces, marking the importance of thresholds that open to new transitional spaces. The focal wall commences as a cold and robust sculpture and throughout the journey it transforms eventually and leads to become a fundamental component of the design, exploiting different spaces and characteristics.
Manbir Kaur


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